HEINE – A company makes history and gives a name to outstanding product quality

HEINE was family owned brand, founded in 1946 by Helmut A. Heine, a physicist and passionate scientist, rich in tradition and today international market leader in a complete range of diagnostic instrument. The founder's goal was simple - to develop and build the best quality diagnostic instruments possible for the medical profession. HEINE products were not only reliable and durable, but that would offer new and better diagnostic capabilities for the practitioner, as well as the patient. HEINE products meet international standards (ISO/CE) and represent the leading edge in precision and ergonomic design. Ongoing dedication to research and development has quality and product leadership. Over 500 employees worldwide contribute to this success.


HEINE – 一個致力於創造歷史與卓越品質的品牌

HEINE創建於1946年,由一位物理學家暨科學家Helmut A. Heine所創立,為家族所經營超過六十年歷史的品牌,擁有豐富紮實的品牌文化。品牌創立之目標很簡單,就是研發最優質的醫學診斷儀器,產品不僅可靠耐用,更能提供醫師創新與絕佳的診斷工具,以提升病患之診療品質。HEINE的產品符合國際ISO/CE標準,並在精密工程與人體工學設計領域占有領導地位。HEINE致力於研究與開發創新產品的品牌信念使旗下的產品不僅可靠耐用,更擁有運用先進科技所帶來的優勢特色。至今HEINE為國際上優質醫學診斷儀器的領導品牌,目前在全球共有超過500位員工一同致力於追求卓越的品質與服務。

FireFly – 美國專利無線數位耳鏡

Firefly is the only provider of wireless portable microscopes with real-time 30FPS video transmission. Our product portfolio includes a wide variety of wired and wireless microscopes as well as accessories. Our cutting-edge optics technology provides users with crystal clear vision, pictures, and video. Firefly products are chosen by professionals from a wide range of industries including dental, medical, quality control, lab sciences, high-tech engineering, dermatology, gemology, numismatics, jewelry, and education. Operating as both manufacturer and brand, we are able to pass on our savings to our distributors. We have offices in both North America and Asia and work with resellers and dealers worldwide.



Seca – Precision for Health

seca, a leading brand of Germany founded for more than 170 years. seca is dedicated to providing high-precision, timeless modern scales and measuring systems. The goal is to create functional, durable products with simple and elegant appearance, providing care units and medical institutions to improve and facilitate the use of measurement. Many of seca's products have won international awards such as red dot design award and IF. seca also promotes environmental philosophy and practice, caring our planet and the environment. All of the rechargeable and other types of batteries in our devices are free of cadmium and mercury. We also share in the EU resolution banning the biocide dimethyl fumarate. When you select seca, you acquire not only a reliable high-quality product but also support us to create a better future.


seca - 為健康而精確

seca 為德國一百七十年以上致力於專業量測儀器的領導品牌,理念是創造功能絕佳、簡潔優雅外觀,並且穩定耐用的優質產品,提供護理單位與醫療機構完善且便利使用的量測設備,許多產品已榮獲國際獎項例如 red dot 紅點與 IF 設計大獎。seca 同時提倡並實踐環保理念,謹慎對待地球資源與環境;產品中蓄電池與電池不含鎘與汞,並完全贊同歐盟禁止使用生物殺蟲劑生富馬酸二甲酯的決定。當您選購 seca,您獲得了可信賴的優質產品,並支持一齊創造更美好未來的理念!

Dr. Wild – Dedicated to Dental and Oral Hygiene

Dr. Wild was founded in 1932 by the laboratory chemist together with the pharmacist. The pharmaceutical company Dr. Wild & Co. AG in Muttenz is one of the 30 leading pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland and is dedicated to research and development of pharmaceutical products, dental cleaning products and beauty products. Dr. Wild is also one of the dental formula field medical equipment suppliers. The business associates and customers include doctors and dentists, chemists and druggists, dental hygienists and preventive dental hygiene assistants. Among the product categories, the TEBODONT dental care products which are mostly for oral care, dental surgery and dental care, the products have been wildly used by the Swiss Medical Dental Clinic of Bethanien. Dr. Wild has a leading position in the dental field worldwide, by holding the idea of being innovative to provide high standard products and services for professional medical units.


Dr. Wild – 致力於牙醫與口腔護理的瑞士品牌

Dr. Wild 於 1932 年由實驗室的化學家與藥劑師一同創立,為瑞士三十個最重要的製藥廠中之其一,致力於研究開發與銷售醫藥產品、口腔及牙齒清潔產品與美容產品,同時為牙科市場的醫療器械供應商,產品多為牙醫師與藥劑師等使用。其中TEBODONT牙科護理產品多為口腔護理、牙科手術與牙科照顧使用,已成為瑞士Medical Dental Clinic of Bethanien廣泛使用的口腔保健產品。Dr. Wild在全球牙科領域具領先地位,不斷以創新與堅持的理念為專業醫療單位提供品質優良的產品與服務。